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We won't hesitate to say that E.A. Patten's tube bending services, sheet metal services and machining are world-renowned. We are innovators in custom tube bending and sheet metal, providing precision parts to leading aerospace and industrial manufacturers throughout the world.


For more than 60 years, E.A.P.'s tube bending services and sheet metal services have been sought after for their great customer service, flexibility, and superior quality. Continuing into the 21st century, E.A.P.'s precision tube bending services have grown and evolved into an industry-leading force.


To meet all your precision manufacturing needs, E.A.P. offers a variety of services, including, of course, tube bending services and sheet metal services. We're also skilled providers of custom metal fabrications, as well as sheet metal assemblies, machined fittings and enclosures. We also have a wealth of experience working with nickel, titanium, and stainless steel tubing.


When you're looking for the craftsmanship and innovation necessary to launch your project, don't settle for good enough. E.A.P. has the experience, cutting edge facilities, and deep engineering knowledge to meet and exceed the strictest specifications. All of our tube bending services, machining and sheet metal services feature 100% inspection and quality control, and they take advantage of our comprehensive inventory of raw materials. 


No matter what your product or application, E.A.P. will meet your challenges and offer comprehensive global solutions for any industrial application.


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