Medical Tube Manufacturing


E.A. Patten got started serving America's burgeoning aircraft industry. Now, well into the 21st century, we work with industry leaders throughout the world making us a leading medical tube bending manufacturer.


As medical technology has increased its power to extend and enrich our lives, it has increased in complexity and cost to construct, as well. E.A. Patten is proud to be part of the push to advance medical technology.


Companies from around the world seek out our services as a precision medical tubes manufacturer because of our commitment to science, craftsmanship, and integrity. These three core values have guided E.A.P. since our inception in the 1940s.


Because of our core values, we're constantly pushing the technical boundaries of medical tube manufacturing and precision medical tube bending, creating parts that meet the tightest tolerances, in the highest quality materials. And we always meet our challenges on time and at cost.


Contact us today and see what a high quality medical tubes manufacturer can do for your projects.

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