Commercial Tube Manufacturing


E.A. Patten is one of the world's leading steel and titanium tube manufacturers. Since the 1940s, we've been the go-to commercial tube manufacturer. That's because we bring a unique dedication to three core principles: science, craftsmanship, and integrity.


Our engineers love diving into the science of being a steel and titanium tube manufacturer. They are on the cutting edge of computer-aided design, prototyping, reverse engineering, non-destructive testing, materials procurement, and a host of other capabilities. And it's our dedication to craft that allows us to put it all together, into a commercial tube product that will meet your exacting specifications for any project.


But its our great level of integrity that makes our commercial clients value E.A.P. the most. Our integrity means that we will always deliver on-time, that we will always deliver at cost, and that you can trust us to work with you to craft the best solution to any challenges.


Contact E.A.P. today and find out why we're a leading commercial tube manufacturer.

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