Industrial Tubing


E.A. Patten started out in the 1940s serving the aeronautics industry, supplying industrial tubing and industrial sheet metal. Now, we're a leading global manufacturer of industrial tubes, serving such diverse industries as aerospace, commercial, medical, and more.


Our industrial partners come to us because of E.A.P.'s longstanding focus on science, craftsmanship, and integrity. These three pillars support our goal to provide superior-quality industrial tubing and industrial sheet metal to all our partners, whether they make advanced airplanes or life-saving medical equipment. No matter who our clients are, we value their work and consider it our number one priority to manufacture the best industrial tubes and sheet metal assemblies possible.


For over 60 years, E.A.P. has made some of the best industrial tubing assemblies and sheet metal fabrications and right now we're operating at our highest level of quality ever. Our state-of-the-art facility houses our extensive prototyping, fabrication, and testing capabilities to ensure we make the best industrial tubing assemblies and industrial sheet metal fabrications possible.


Our partners in the aeronautics, commercial, and medical industries know that E.A.P.'s integrity is second to none. Our projects come in at cost and on time, every time. 


Contact us today and find out more about how E.A.P. serves its partners with the best industrial tubing and industrial sheet metal services around.

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