Tube Swaging 


E.A. Patten has more than 60 years experience with swaged tubes, bending tubes, and, well, all kinds of tubes. Our comprehensive suite of tube manufacturing services are led by our CNC custom tube swaging, bending, and forming capabilities.

E.A.P.'s team of engineers has one foot in tradition and the other on the cutting edge of technology. Our dedication to staying totally up-to-date means that your swaged tubes will meet the tightest tolerances, come in at budget, and integrate seamlessly into any finished assembly.

No matter what your application, from high flying aerospace to life-saving medical, our swaged tubes can be critical. No matter how large an engineering challenge or how strict your requirements, E.A.P. will find the perfect solution, coming in at cost, delivering on time.

Contact us right away to learn more about E.A.P.'s swaged tubes and how they will get your project off the ground.

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