Tube Fabricating


E.A. Patten is in the tube fabrication business. Actually, we're among the world's leaders in tube fabricating, and rightly so. Since the 1940s, we've been engaged in tube fabrication and duct fabrication that's been so essential to America's aeronautics industry.


As we move into the 21st century, E.A.P. is fabricating tubes, ducts, and other metal parts that are taking the entire world's aerospace industry sky high.


Our tube fabrication capabilities are sought out not only by the aerospace industries, but also the medical, commercial, and sports industries. The reasons why are clear: E.A.P. brings to its tube and duct fabrication a unique focus on science, craftsmanship and integrity that few companies can match.


That focus means your tubes, ducts, machined and metal parts will be the best-engineered, with a focus on integrating into your final assembly. And E.A.P. will always deliver parts on time and at cost. Whether you take advantage of our fine tube and duct fabrication, our prototyping, modeling, or reverse engineering capabilities, you can be sure that E.A.P. will deliver.


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