CNC Machining


E.A. Patten is best known for being an industry leader in precision tube bending and Sheet metal fabrication but we are also have a state of the art machine shop. High tech industries as diverse--and important--as aerospace, medical, and transportation continually come up with more and more complicated end fittings which require high tech solutions.  Our engineers and machinists have the expertise and equipment needed to meet these demanding requirements. Our equipment includes: 11 vertical milling machines, 14 turning centers and four EDM stations.

E.A.P. marries more than 60 years of precision tube bending experience with cutting edge precision metal forming techniques and the machining expertise to meet todays presision demands. 


Whether you're building a massive space shuttle or a local college's intramural sports equipment, precision matters and E.A.P. knows this. Our unique combination of experience, scientific know-how, and advanced engineering allows us to meet the strictest tolerances and deliver on the most demanding challenges.


Look to E.A.P. for the most advanced, precision capabilities. We leverage in-house design and prototype fabrication, CAD modeling, and even reverse engineering capabilities in order to work closely with you to meet your precise requirements.

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