Tube Fluid Flow Testing


E.A. Patten's capabilities don't end at merely bending and welding tubes. We offer a suite of testing services, including tube fluid flow testing and water flow testing. In fact, testing is one of the cornerstones of our engineering philosophy.


If our parts don't meet your exact requirements, then we've failed to live up to our high standard of integrity.


E.A.P. has been making tubes and sheet metal parts for over 60 years. We have a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of our craft but our engineers are not beholden to ancient history. Housed within our 40,000 square foot facility are our cutting edge manufacturing capabilities that include comprehensive non-destructive testing, fluid flow testing, water flow testing, and 100% inspection and quality control.


Our parts are used in everything from aerospace applications to medical technology. Precision matters. Contact us today to see how our tube fluid flow testing capabilities can best serve you.

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