Tube Brazing & Tube Welding


We take quality to new heights.

Tube brazing and tube welding are among E.A. Patten's main capabilities. No matter what industries--from aerospace to sports technology--E.A.P.'s tube brazing and welding is one of our most sought after capabilities.


We're in such high demand for a good reason.


For over 60 years, E.A.P. has been in the business of shaping and manufacturing tubes. Our decade's long experience in the metal forming business means there isn't a challenge we've failed to overcome or a problem we couldn't solve--we've seen them all.

However, E.A.P. isn't trapped in the past. Our commitment to science and engineering means that our tube brazing and welding facilities are on the cutting edge of technology. Some of our capabilities include vacuum and induction brazing, orbital and manual welds, as well as custom welding.


Contact us today to see just how great our tube brazing and tube welding capabilities are. You won't be disappointed.

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