E.A. Patten boasts the tube bending and sheet metal capabilities to turn your challenges and project requirements into high-flying reality. E.A.P. knows that its superior manufacturing and engineering capabilities are only part of the process. Without superior execution--including on-time delivery and high performance--we won't have succeeded in our mission to provide the best quality products and services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.


Our team of engineers has a wealth of proven experience, a passion for innovation and a level of pride and quality that only true craftsmen can provide. For more than 60 years, E.A.P. has been on the cutting edge of tube bending and sheet metal forming. We offer a full spectrum of manufacturing capabilities, including brazing and welding, state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design systems, electrical discharge machining, fluid flow testing, prototyping, reverse engineering, solid modeling, tool and die fabrication, detail machining, tube swaging, and of course, tube bending and sheet metal forming capabilities.

We take quality to new heights.

E.A.P. is uniquely positioned to best address the needs of so many industries. Our advanced tube bending and sheet metal capabilities allow us to serve a diverse range of industries such as aerospace, transportation, medical, sports and recreation, and more.


Let E.A.P. meet your requirements and overcome your challenges. Our global solutions keep down costs while delivering superior quality parts, assemblies, and engineering services -- on time, every time.


Contact us today to discover how our tube bending and sheet metal capabilities can best serve you.

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