Terms and Conditions of Sale

I. Compliance with United States Laws

"Buyer shall comply with all applicable United States statutes and government rules, regulations and orders including those pertaining to United States export laws and regulations."

II. United States Export Laws and Restrictions

"Buyer will not transfer or re-export purchased product in its original form or as incorporated into other products without obtaining required United States authorization and certifies that purchased product will not be used in or sold/transferred for use in nuclear, chemical/biological or missile technology products nor for use by a U.S.-sanctioned country or company."

III. Sale and Shipment to Foreign Destination-United States Export License (Seller Obligation)

"Seller will at Buyer's request apply for and use its best efforts to obtain any required United States Government license to permit export from the United States of product being purchased by the Buyer. Nothing herein contained shall be construed as imposing an obligation on Seller to obtain required United States export licensing authority related to the product being purchased by the Buyer from the Seller."

IV. Sale and Shipment to U.S. Destination- United States Export License (Buyer Obligation)

"Buyer shall obtain all required U.S. authorizations including export licenses to permit the U.S. export of product being purchased by Buyer from Seller."

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