E.A. Patten is one of the world's leading tube manufacturers due to its dedication to technology. Our engineers have a long tradition of keeping up with increasing technology and taking advantage of the more than 60 years of experience with tube forming and sheet metal fabrication which we posses. Our facilities are cutting edge, using the latest techniques in Computer Aided Design Systems, CNC custom tube bending machines, EDM machines, vacuum induction brazing, pneumatic and hydraulic pressure testing and more.


A devotion to the craftsmanship of each part we produce sets E.A. Patten apart from other tube manufacturers. Our staff of engineers has the experience, pride, and attention to detail that you rely on for your tube forming and sheet metal fabrication needs. By combining craftsmanship with modern technology E.A.P. manufactures products that are of unsurpassed quality, while meeting the most rigid standards and solving the toughest engineering problems. E.A. Patten is made up of craftsmen; engineers, machinists, a support staff that is second to none. Combined, this is the strength of our company.


Since 1945, E.A.P. has been a leader in tube forming, sheet metal fabrication and a leader in integrity. E.A. Patten has become one of the best tube manufacturers in the world due to its principles for making quality parts. It is our integrity that makes us one of the best companies in the business. We are steeped in a tradition of strong principles, making sure your business is respected in every way. We meet tight budgets while ensuring 100% quality control and delivering on schedule. We have the integrity to treat you fairly and with high consideration, regardless of the size of your need.